DTM International Trading


Founded in the year 2000, the companies first business was to export finished leathers from Brazil to countries all over the globe. However the company rapidly adapted focusing bilateral trade with companies in Brazil. Actually acting in the export of products made in China, there was a need to establish one branch in the mainland in order to provide all sorts of services required for a successful business with Chinese companies.

Some of DMT business divisions are:

Embracing the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) concept, we help companies to source their product in a foreign market using their own brand. Each case is analyzed individually in order to determine the best way to help your business.

Other successfull cases of product we source in China are: furniture, electric vehicles, resins, wine coolers, construction material.


The Acessories is our division of fine porcelain for the table and decoration, which acts in the import, export and retail of various products of high quality.

The DocTools was established to grant more helpful tools to health service, allied to cutting-edge technology, wide range of products, optimized costs and customized service.

The DTM Leather is technically skilled in all areas envolving international trade of leathers in all production stages: Salted; Wet blue; Crust; Finished.